AmazingCo Go Club - Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (terms) cover your rights as a program member (member/s) in the AmazingCo Go Club (Go Club), as well as the rights of AmazingCo (us/we) - AmazingCo Group Pty Ltd (ABN 41 146 573 953). By registering as a member into the program, you agree to the following terms.



Anyone is eligible to join the Go Club. There are 2 tiers of membership:

  • Starter: There is no fee to join the program as a starter member. To join, you must either complete an online form, contact an AmazingCo concierge via phone or email, or purchase an experience. All customers who purchase an experience are automatically ‘Starter’ members.

  • Do’er: To join as a premium member, you must complete the form online and pay the annual fee of A$99. Premium members will access a range of additional benefits, see ‘Member Benefits’ in this document. Do’er membership requires renewal every 12 months at a fee of A$99. Any bonus points awarded for premium member subscription will be limited to sign up and not awarded on membership renewal.

AmazingCo reserves the right to adjust and add tiers of membership to this program without notification to you. Your membership must be solely used by yourself. You may elect to cancel at any time. AmazingCo also reserve the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or otherwise end your membership. You will be notified in any such situation.


AmazingCo Go Club Points are awarded to members. Points are awarded on spend with AmazingCo. They may also be awarded based on engagement or in a promotional nature, in these instances, additional terms and conditions may apply. Points awarded for spend will vary depending on your membership tier. Starter members will earn 1 point for every A$1 spent on AmazingCo experiences and gift cards. Do’er members will earn 2 points for every A$1 spent on AmazingCo experiences and gift cards. Points are not earned on security deposits (sometimes referred to as a ‘bond’). Points are awarded and applied within 4 weeks after the experience date, not the date the experience was booked. In the event of a cancelation, no points will be awarded. In the event of a partial refund after the experience has taken place, points awarded will be based on the final price paid and not the full price of the experience.

You can redeem your points on any AmazingCo experience. This can be either through full or partial payment. To redeem an experience using points, contact an AmazingCo concierge on 1300 307 750 (in Australia). Points cannot be redeemed online. Points are not refundable or transferable. Points are not awarded for services purchased using Gift Cards.

Awarded points will expire after 24 months of member inactivity (through either purchase or redemption). Expiry of points will not result in cancellation of membership (either free or paid tiers). Expired points cannot be re-credited for any reason once they have expired.

To see your points balance and membership status, register online at

Member Benefits

AmazingCo Go Club members will receive access to a set of benefits. We reserve the right to change these from time to time without notice. Premium members will have additional benefits above and beyond the Starter benefits. To see the current full list of benefits, please visit

Personal Information

By being part of the program you agree to the handling of your personal information. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information on how we manage your personal information. Subscription and management of your membership conducted via electronic means are covered by our Website Terms of Use. Please refer to these terms for more information.


By joining the program you consent to marketing communications that includes but is not limited to email, SMS, phone call, mail and online. Marketing communications consists of, but is not limited to, information on program features and benefits, new and existing experiences, promotional or offer based messaging, points information. You have the right to opt-out/unsubscribe from these communications by emailing us at or calling 1300 307 750.  

Limitation of Liability

AmazingCo will not be held liable for any damages of any kind arising out of, or connection with your participation within this program. By agreeing to these terms, you willingly agree that you have relinquished your rights to seek damages from AmazingCo in any such event. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

More Information

If you have more information, or wish to discuss these terms in details, you can contact us at